Monday, 17 December 2012

A Christmas Wedding

This was an email I received last night from my most recent bride. It put a big smile on my face.

Way back in June I created a simple wedding invitation for Hannah and Andrews wedding. A few weeks later, Hannah got back in touch - could I possibly help her with flowers as she'd been let down by a florist and wasn't really sure what she wanted to do.

She told me her colour scheme was orange and navy blue. I was sold.

Below are the elements I created for her.


The Bouquet
Hannah wanted a colour bouquet, but not something too strong so we went for peaches with subtle use of a stronger orange and a small amount of blue. Hannah loved the felt balls I had used in another bouquet so we used these to bring out the accent colours.

The Bridesmaids
Hannahs Bridesmaids didn't really want flowers and so instead I created wrist corsages for them using the same ribbon on Hannahs bouquet and including pears and felt balls to tie everything together. The bridesmaids wore navy blue so these little beauties would stand out perfectly.

The Centrepieces
Sticking with the more subtle shades from Hannahs bouquet I created flower balls on a variety of different candle holders to make the focal pieces for her tables. These were teamed with individual glass bottles that held the accent colours of orange and blue and candles made in hollowed out oranges.

Hannah also had hanging garlands from me as well.

Mother of the Bride and Groom and Button Holes
This was a chance to bring out the accent colours again. The Mothers of Hannah and Andrew had corsages made with the subtle tones in Hannahs bouquet whilst the groom and his men each had a different button hole to compliment both Hannahs bouquet and the bridesmaids corsages.

The Table Plan
Hannahs stationery was based on a tree theme so this was carried through to her table plan as well.

Finger Print Tree Of Love
The final piece to complete Hannahs collection of pretties was a finger print tree. The tree was that used on her table plan and other stationery and she had 3 inks to create her 'leaves', an orange, navy blue and light blue selection. I hope to have a photo of the finished thing to show you at some point. It is such a great interactive activity for your guests to partake in. I can't wait to see the finished tree full of leaf finger prints.

And there you have it. A complete wedding.

I'll hopefully be sharing some of the official wedding photos with you soon but here's a little guest snap shot of the beautiful bride herself...


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  1. All of it = Super gorgeous. I am especially in love with the bouquet and table decorations. Keep up the good work lovely! Xx