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Hey! I'm Becky (that's me up there) and I bring to you Beautiful Bird Creations. I offer bespoke and 'off the peg' floral pieces for your big day or for any special event. From bridal bouquets to centrepiece designs and hair pieces, I will do my utmost to fulfil the requirements you have for your day, whilst having some fun along the way.

I got married in September 2011 (to a lovely boy - you'll be seeing more
of him shortly) and from my (*coughs* sorry, OUR) wedding; Beautiful Bird Creations was born.

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer by trade. I LOVE my job. I feel very lucky to be able to say that. I had been creating stationery for friends and families weddings, funerals (sadly) and baby showers for a few years, and then finally came MY big day. A whole day for me to celebrate the love I have for my husband with all those that I love the most. BOOM! I couldn't have been more excited. That said...I was my very own worst client.

I struggled to let anyone else assist with making the day we had planned in our heads come to life (rumour has it that I'm quite the perfectionist). More to the point - I found it hard to find anyone to create what I wanted. So, I took on the challenge myself. 300 odd flowers later - we had our perfect wedding. AND I couldn't have been happier sitting there hand making every single last flower. The feedback was such that I knew I could do this for others. I could add something to the happiest day of other people lives...why on earth would I not pursue this. Touch wood, since I made the decision to do this, I have had very happy brides - I've actually had brides! AMAZING. And it feels a privileged to be a part of their very special days.

Photography credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

I think before I go any further, I should clarify about the name. Contrary to what you may initially think, I'm not actually putting myself out there and claiming to be a 'Beautiful Bird'. No builders hollering from scaffolding have influenced my choice of business name. No. Beautiful Bird comes from my new surname, which when translated...you guessed it...means beautiful bird. It seemed fitting that as this little business was born from my marriage, my new name should get a little credit. And maybe so should the boy who gave me the new name...

Photography credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

"O but we can only see the side of his face" I hear you cry. Go one then...here's another

Photography credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

So yeah, that's me and this blog aims to bring you a little inspiration and keep you up to date with what's happening in the world of Beautiful Bird.

If you are interested, you can find out more about our special day here

For more information and pricing, please email hello@beuatifulbirdcreations.com or visit www.beautifulbirdcreations.com...coming soon
or you can tweet me @beautbird

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