Friday, 9 November 2012

Beautiful 'Van Gough' Bird

So, you may or may not know that I paint. I thought I'd share one with you I have completed recently.

Painting is a funny thing. Actually, art in general is funny, It's very subjective. It's one persons take on subject. This take on, or the way they see it in their head can be so different from what you or I see.

This is why I love art. It causes debate. You might look at my art and think, eh, but why can't I see his eye properly, why does his hair blend into that tree, but her nose only has one nostril. But good. I hope it makes you think about light, shade, feelings and generally outside of the box a little.

A friend of mine approached me a few months back with this gorgeous photo of him and his very beautiful wife and asked me if I'd paint a version of it for her 30th birthday...

I mean really, how super gorgeous are they?

The pressure is definitely ON when I get asked to do a portrait. Especially when it is of someone I know. Because regardless of what I have said previously, I still want my clients to be happy and to love whatever I create for them. But, I guess like with photography, they have sussed me out prior to approaching me and know the sort of thing I will come back with.

So I thought I'd share the painting process with you. From start to finish. Apologies that my pics are only iPhone snaps but it still gives you an idea.

Hopefully you will like my interpretation of the above image.

The lucky lady was thrilled with the final outcome and we have been having fun filled discussions about frames and where she is going to hang it in her new apartment :)

It makes me sad to hand these things over when they have had my attention for weeks but I'm so happy when a client is over the moon.



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  1. That is truly stunning. *Art history student stamp of approval* :)