Fabric Flowers

Photography credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

I love flowers. Always have, always will. But they die. Yes they can look amazing when they die, all muted in colour and crispy and frozen in time looking. But for my day, I wanted something that would last forever. Another constant reminder of our day. Something I can look at and smile about.

I believe flowers are an integral part of setting the scene for a wedding day. Flowers have been a part of wedding ceremonies since ancient times. Sometimes used to protect the bride from evil spirits that want to take her away from her groom, some to protect both bride and groom from harm and hell(?!), and lets be honest, for the most part they just look damn pretty.

Fabric is so versatile. There are endless colours and patterns available to suit any sort of wedding. You want skulls? I got skulls...You want polka dots? yep, I've got them too! This versatility is why I used them for my wedding. My husband is African. Using fabric allowed us to mix our cultures in a unique and peculiar way. I ordered authentic Ghanaian fabric and made flowers from it. It was wonderful.

Photography credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

There is nothing more fulfilling than speaking to a bride (or in fact groom) about there pending big day. People never seem quite as excitable as when they're getting married.

I want to help give the perfect day the perfect decor. The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to fabric flowers so whatever ideas you have, lets work together and make them happen!

We pride ourselves on the peculiar so the wilder your ideas the better.

1. Unusual or eccentric; odd.
2. Distinct from all others. See Synonyms at strange.
3. Belonging distinctively or primarily to one person, group, or kind; special or unique

Below are a few more examples of the types of things we can/have done, from favours to hairpieces to general decor.

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