Tuesday, 19 June 2012

To sell or not to sell...

...and sell I did.

Last night in fact. And to a gorgeous girl who is getting married in Barbados.

There is a lot of divided opinion on wether or not you ‘should’ sell you dress.

Here is my take...

Reasons to keep your dress:

• You can play dress up with your daughter one day (tres fun - I can confirm this for a FACT)
• If you’re religious and intend to have children Christened it is traditional to turn the wedding 
  gown into a Christening dress
• Sentimental value
• To wear when you’re 50 and wonder why you can no longer fit into it

Reasons to sell your dress:
• Recoup some money from your day
• So that the dress doesn’t go to waste. It’s beautiful, it deserves a long life, not a life in a box
• To make a bride on a lesser budget very very happy
•To free up space in your house
• To carry on the memory making I’ll explain what i mean by this

So, there is a similar number of pros and cons in my opinion.  But for me, the pros won.

I took my dress to a bride-to-be last night. She’d tried it in a shop and loved it but simply couldn’t afford it. And what do you know, my dress fitted her like a glove and was the perfect length. Her dream wedding dress at less than half the price, she was over the moon!!

There are lots of second hand wedding sites you can sell your dress on but I chose to use Preloved. It is a free advertising site. It has taken a few months (not that I was in any rush) but its finally gone.

And with it went any hopes of one day doing a mother-daughter dress-up.  

Here's me prancing around with my mom's wedding dress. The blue dress was a bridesmaid dress from her wedding (amaze or what - I considered this as my actual wedding dress for a time).  

It would have been nice to one day do this with my daughter (if I ever have one), but is ten minutes of albeit lovely mucking about really worth holding on to a dress for twenty-odd years?  For me, no.  

I've decided to continue to make happy memories with the money from my dress, by spending it on activity that me and my ‘rents can do together.

So, have you sold your dress? Are you considering selling or would you never sell?



  1. Did you see that article recently about how a grandma, mother and now daughter all wore the same dress to their wedding? Luckily it was a timeless, elegant piece. I kind of like the idea of doing that, but who knows what crazy fashion will happen by the time I/we have grandkids!

    With my wedding dress, I'm hoping to turn it into home or studio decoration - dress up a mannequin and have it next to my desk for inspiration and of course all the memories. I think I can get away with this because it's a vintage number and didn't cost me an arm and a leg...because if I had a Vera Wang, it would be in a bullet proof glass case!!


  2. I did see the article and I thought it was lovely! I love my moms dress but it smell somewhat musty now - 28 years later! :)

    I love the idea of what you plan to do with yours - mine would literally have taken up my entire office! Pah!

    Maybe one day we can go halves on a Vera Wang and sit there watching it whilst we make glittery things?!


  3. That sounds like the BEST IDEA EVER!

  4. I am a classic hoarder...i keep EVERYTHING! And yet, nearly 2 months after the big day by dress is hanging up in the garage which is where it's been since we got back from our wedding...
    I loved my dress on the day but feel peculiarly unattached to it now. I am tempted to sell it but worry I'd regret it afterwards...
    P.S. your mum's bridesmaid dresses were beautiful!