Friday, 7 September 2012

Words of wisdom

Have you heard of Alex Zanardi?

No, he's not a bridal gown designer or a photographer...or anything remotely related to weddings. But he is an inspiration.

The Paralympic Games have been full of inspiring stories and his is certainly up there with them. Zanardi was a racing driver, Formula 1, ChampCar and IndiCar racing were all areas in which he showed great talent and potential.

However, in September of 2001 and he had a horrific crash which resulted in him losing both of his legs. They were disintegrated beyond repair - in a similar condition to someone who may have stepped on a land mine. Devastating.

In no way did this stop him from getting back into the driving seat and still enjoying the thrill of the ride - but it also meant he could compete in Paralympic sports.

He competes in hand cycling and at Londons 2012 Paralympic games, the race was held at Brands Hatch. Poignant for him that he should win gold on a racing car track.

Anyway, the point of me telling you about this man is this is this. I watched his race and I saw him win; leagues ahead of his competitors but more than the race itself, the thing that struck me were his words.

He said this...

It really struck a chord with me, because that's what I'm doing. I LOVE what I do, so so much and I'm hoping that my passion will pay off. It made me believe in myself and hopefully it will make you believe in yourself if you are embarking on a new career or following your dreams or focusing on new goals.

If you think about it, it just makes sense.

Happy Inspirational Friday everyone


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