Monday, 13 August 2012

Inspiration is everywhere

I don't normally do a Monday post, but last week I was so inspired and so I thought to hell with it, I can't wait until Tuesday to post this! I'm going to do it today.

As a Fabric Florist, Graphic Designer and general creator of things, I often get asked "who do you look to for inspiration?"

I always find it a difficult question to answer.

I don't think it's always a case of who. I believe inspiration is all around us - from a dusty road sign to a print in a glossy magazine.

I talk about inspiration because last week was one FULL of inspiration - I was literally bowled over with the amount of inspiring things I saw on the internet (let's not even talk about the Olympics, I'll just cry - mortified that it's over!). So I thought I'd share of few things that got me inspired - hopefully they might inspire you too :)

LoveLuxe Launch 

Image credit: Anneli Marinovich

If you didn't see this last week, where were you?! Literally. It was everywhere and for good reason. Pocketful of Dreams had a table at the launch and boy o boy o boy was it fabulous. Such amazing colours and imagination.

See POD's table here

They weren't the only people taking part in the launch - you can see even more inspiration over on the LoveLuxeBlog here

So Pretty Was She

If you haven't come across Ren's wonderful blog, So Pretty Was She, yet then you are missing out. Its only a few weeks to go until her big day and last week she shared a sneak with us of her table flowers. Gorgeous hues of yellow which brightened up my week :)

Dazed and Confused

I have been a lover of this magazine for years and they post some really good content on their facebook page. Including this Marvel comic-inspired A/W12 collection by Romance was Born. VERY cool. and I'm VERY tempted to do a comic-inspired bouquet! How awesome would that be!


Wonderland by Kirsty Mitchell

This literally leaves me breathless. And it is just one of many shots from a 3 year project. Kirsty teamed up with Elbie Van Eeden (who will also be exhibiting at EWE in November) to create this phenomenal work. You can read about the inspiring story behind "wonderland' here.

So how's about that for just a snippet of things that inspired me last week!

Anything you want to share with me to add to my ever growing list of places to look for inspiration?




  1. Oh Goodness!! Thank you for the mention, very chuffed to be included in such an inspirational list of pretty blogs xx

  2. Thanks so much for linking to us! :D Hope you will be able to join us for the next one!! xx

  3. Totally deserved both of you :)

    @Rosie, I would absolutely love to :) Keep me updated x

  4. Please do a comic book bouquet! That would be awesome! I could even make my boy like flowers that way! ;)