Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Shorty swing my way...

STOP right now! Why are you growing your hair for your wedding??? I don't really get it. The idea (in my head) is to still be you on your wedding day, not someone you're uncomfortable with because you have frustrating hair.

Don't get me wrong, long hair definitely has its advantages...limitless updo's and gorgeous bohemian waves to name a couple...but if that's not really you on a day to day 'vibe' why make it you for one day?

I actually cut my hair for my wedding - admittedly I ended up wearing it up in the end so the length had no real impact anyway but I went from bust length hair to chin length - I like to think I'm rebellious like that!

I have been a bridesmaid on numerous occasions (thankfully the rhyme didn't stick to me and I got to be a bride too) and it has always involved the bride stressing over her hair and what to do with it and after they've curled it to death, because obviously you have to have curly hair on your wedding day when really your hair is poker straight, the wind blew once during the photos and all the curls disappeared so there I've been in my bridesmaids dress re curling the brides hair...again for it to fall out in a matter hours. Also I know many a bride who grew her barnet for the big day to swiftly chop it all off even before honeymoon!

So I guess my point is this...be yourself, rock your hair how you always rock it, be comfortable and don't feel this unnecessary pressure to have long flowing locks on your big day. There is some inspiration below to show you how gorgeous a short haired bride can be. (I may have overdone it with the photos but there are some seriously gorgeous short hair brides that it was very difficult to pick my favourites! Keep scrolling...trust me the last photos are worth it!)

Where your pixie with pride ladies!

Are you feeling a pressure to grow your hair or are you going for 'you' on your big day?


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  1. A photo of your on your wedding day needs to be on there!

    Great post - short hair can be incredibly flattering and bring out your eyes/lips/cheekbones ready for the photographer to snap.

    I've heard of people wearing wigs and weaves on their wedding day...why?! Why change the way you look for a day when it's important to be the closest to your natural self you can be?