Wednesday, 27 June 2012

An 80's kinda love...

It was my Mom and Dad's 32nd wedding anniversary last week. 32 years! Wowzer. It got me thinking about 80's wedding fashion (and 80's fashion in general). So I thought I'd take this chance to explore some wicked and awesome 80's shoulder pads and power suits! 

I posted last week about selling my wedding dress and how I pranced about in my Moms dress. You can see that post here. And below is my beloved Ma on her actual big day and my Dad with a very tame afro. For a white guy he had a serious fro back in the day!

On a personal note, I feel very lucky to have my parents still together. I went through school with lots of my friends parents splitting up but my folks just seem to have that 'thing'. They are a true inspiration to me and amazing role models when it comes to what a marriage is. My mom told me recently how they had 'fallen out' because my Dad drives too fast. The next day was said anniversary and she proudly sent me a photo of a bunch of flowers he'd had delivered to her. I asked her "So you're friends again now?"...her reply was simple..."We're always friends. Sometimes he just gets it wrong".

Enjoy and I'd love for you to share any secret 80's fashion loves of yours or any photos of your dresses from the 80's.

Is it me or are they too adorable...pose much anyone?

A copy of Brides magazine from the 80's. It's hard to make out but it would appear
that as well as the content, the price hasn't changed too greatly either.
P.s. this woman has THE most hair

Who's going to be rocking a hat at their wedding this year?? I think it's a pretty cool
alternative to the veil.

Not a dress kinda girl? Ever thought about a serious power suit for your wedding day instead?? I LOVE this suit - imagine it teamed with some super platforms and a cute veil.

O yes...the wedding of the 80's (sorry Di)

The ever gorgeous Scott and Charlene tied the know is 1987. I love the skirt on her dress and good lord - the gypsophila in her fringe is to die for! I want to see a wedding where the bride does this! Pleeeeeeeease.

Photography: Brides magazine: Hat shots: / The power suit: Scoot and Charlene:

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  1. HEY! We both did the 80's today. Simply fantastic! I adore that power suit and your Dad's fro is just genius x