Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A lovely day

Music has always been a a massive part of my life. Something that started with Bananarama and Kylie Minogue that led me to be heavily involved in amateur musical theatre and to be a singer from the ages of 16 to 21; firstly as part of a girl group (I just wanted to be a Spice Girl really) who supported Atomic Kitten and worked with 70's hero and legend Leo Sayer to being a solo artist writing and co producing my own music.

Music is still a huge part of my life today, and although I have left the singing behind my world would be a very empty one without melodies and dirty bass beats filling my ears at any given moment. Luckily for me, I married a man equally as much into music as me. For me, it's as much about the lyrics as it is the beats - for the boy, it's all about the bass line. People use songs to express how they feel when they can't quite find the words themselves, whether that's to say good bye to someone at a funeral or to say hello to a girl they have a crush on. This is why, for some, music is such an important part of their wedding day.

Our wedding play list was immense and it was a very very long list compiled by both Me, Anthony and our gusts. Our RSVP cards contained a section where guests could write down their favourite songs for us to play. Needless to say we ended up with a completely mixed bag but it was the  perfect play list.

It was a difficult task to pick the most 'important ' songs of the day. You know, walking down the aisle, first dance etc. We hand picked every single song and for a reason, but the ones that had the most prominence were ones that a, we adored for the melody and b, had a lyrical loveliness that we could relate to. So, here were our choices, and I'd love o hear about yours...

Walking down the aisle:
Bill withers, Lovely Day

Signing the register
MGMT, Electric Feel
Robyn Thicke, Magic
Zero 7, Destiny
Aaliyah, On in a million

Leaving the ceremony
Labrinth, Let the Sunshine

First Dance
The Elgins, Heaven must've sent you

So, how important is music to you? Are you having a band or blasting out an iPod all night long? I'd love to know.



  1. Loving the blog!
    I get married next year and as a wedding co-ordinator for 5 years, I'm looking for alternative ideas. Great to see you didn't go down the standard music route. The classic wedding tunes are beautiful, but what do they say about the couple? Usually not much!
    & if I see another pink 'themed' wedding I think I'll scream... lovely colour... but where is your story and your personality. Nice to see there are people like you inspiring Bride's to make their wedding their own! x

    1. Ah congratulations on your engagement! and thanks so much for the comment :) If I can help you with anything give me a shout :) x