Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Who needs an ACTUAL wedding dress anyway?

I was browsing one of my favourite high street stores websites this week and stumbled across a tonne of gorgeous dresses. It turns out that said favourite high street store (that would be Topshop then) have started a bridal range.

This got me to thinking.

Do brides of today really need to be visiting what can sometimes be snooty and over opinionated bridal boutiques in order to find their dream dress? (I must say here that not all bridal shops are like this but it's very disheartening when you stumble across one that is) I'm not so sure anymore. Below are just SOME of my favourite dresses available on a high street near you that would suit todays modern bride down to the ground! (including a skirt and top combo!) - if I'd put them all you'd be here until next Wednesday!

What do you think? Would you ever consider anything other than a bridal gown from a bridal shop? or would you prefer to go to town with your mate, grab a Pizza Express, pop into Topshop and come out with your dream dress?

Answers on a post card please (or in the comments box below will do)



  1. OMG I want that dip dye dress

  2. I Know! How gorgeous. I'd love to see someone in it on their big day.

  3. For me the answer would have to be no! As much as I love EVERY single dress you have picked it would just not feel like it was my wedding. This is my one and only (hopefully) chance to be a 'real' bride and I would not feel as special in something that just wasn't a proper bridal gown. I even have the all saints oyster dress so it would feel no different than something I would wear out.

    I can hugely see the appeal though and would help heaps on saving money towards other items for the wedding or even your future together. x

  4. I do see and respect the point you're making, Becky. And a lot of the dresses above are beautiful to look at. But I have a bit of a differing opinion. (And just quietly, I'm glad you posted this as I walked past Topshop last night and was like: "Oh they've got a new range of lingerie...oh they're wedding dresses!!") ...but we're all allowed our own opinion aren't we? :)

    Successful high street retailers are successful because they supply clothes made in a way to fit the 'lowest common denominator' or 'general' population (this holds true in many industries - I won't go on, unless you want me to) which is fantastic is you're a lady who can go into said stores and find something which is flattering to your body shape. I'm a curvy girl with a teeny waist, big boobs and a big bum and I find that heading into a high street store will usually lead to diaster and an emotional break down and I definitely wouldn't want that when looking for a wedding dress, in ANY arena. Hence my love for vintage clothing with it's flattering shapes (for me) and beautiful makes.

    So obviously I chose a vintage wedding dress which suited my figure and was about 1/4 the cost of an 'average' wedding dress. In the end, I think that every bride needs to work out what her priorities are and work with her shape and her budget when choosing a wedding dress. What I definitely agree with you on, Becky, is that you don't need to spend thousands of pounds on your wedding dress to look a million dollars!

  5. @lisa and Ren

    I think you both make totally valid points :) and ultimately Ren I think you've hit the nail in the head when saying a bride should absolutely go with what is best for her, wether that's a full corset gown (as mine was) or a cute slip dress. We look best in what we FEEL best in :) hope you enjoyed the pretties nonetheless x

  6. Wow, All nice dresses, Yhey are all beautiful

  7. Wow! These dresses are actually too beautiful and also have unique designs and perfect for a bridal. I like these very much. Great prices!!!