Sunday, 10 June 2012

Welcome to Beautiful Bird Creations - The Blog

So here it is...Beautiful Bird's first blog post. It feels exciting, nerve-racking, daunting and like it could be a whole load of fun at the same time - not forgetting hard work. Luckily for me I have enrolled myself on the Midlands School of Rock hosted by RockNRoll Bride, so I will be a pro in no time right?

First I should start by saying “Hi!” and “It’s very nice to meet you”. That you are taking the time to read my ramblings means a lot.

I want to cover off a couple of things. I don't claim to be a blogger. I don't think myself a particularly good writer even. So, you might ask, why the hell are you actually writing a blog? The blog is here to hopefully provide some inspiration and to discuss what this wonderful wedding industry is all about, from a ‘beginners’ point of view. I am excited to write more, it’s something I don’t do enough.

You can find out more about Beautiful Bird on the ‘About’ page so I won’t relay it all on this post again but I will say this...I am crazy passionate about weddings, especially peculiar ones and that is what I, through Beautiful Bird, aim to offer my brides and grooms.

A bride of mine who is getting married in September sent me this the other day:

“Thank u for adding an extra special thing to my day”

A very simple, straightforward statement but one that made me smile. If I can add one special thing to anyones day it is so worth it.

So, a short but sweet first post.

I am off to Under The Vintage Veil’s first birthday as we speak so I will be sure to post back on how amazing it was!

Speak soon and thanks for reading - totally looking forward to blogging more.

A very appreciative


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